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Keeping up with rapid changing shopper behavior is not an easy task. For years, brands with multi-million dollar marketing budgets force the rest of us to scramble to try to keep up. Brands that leverage innovative thinking with emerging technology are turning the tables on huge global brands with deep pockets.

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84% of all shopper journeys start with an online search and 90% of us use search across the entire buying journey. As search ad spend costs increase, yet reach and ROI decreases, brands need a way to stand out organically online.

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- Imagine a World...Search

- Online Search Behaviors

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In 2018, there were an estimated 250 Billion voices searches on Google alone. That doesn't even include the questions everyone asks to Alexa! Voice search is a new behavior that people are adopting at a rapid pace.

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Audible in the Works

Kindle is waiting for Amazon approval and I am hitting the studio to talk to you through Audible. Please stay tuned.

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Information is the key to significant business decisions.

In the modern world, information is abundant freely available on the internet. The following websites have been selected and collected to assist you with your online business research activities. They are organized into categories to help you expedite your search.

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Discovered Book

If you're not playing the game in the world of marketing, then you're being played.

Advancements in technology have evolved the way we attract and serve customers. As such, we must keep up with each development and use them to our advantage so that we're always ahead of rapidly changing consumer behaviors. The old ways of getting customers' attention aren't as effective in our new world. If you want to remain relevant, you must adapt.

These are the techniques the top 1% of brands are using. Start doing the same so you can rise above them! Start reading Discovered Book NOW!

There's a new channel that most businesses aren't taking advantage of because they don't understand its power and don't know where to start. Yet, it's the next big thing. It's the new way people are searching because it's a lot faster and easier. With voice, customers can quickly summon search results with a few spoken words. This alternate channel benefits your business because it opens up avenues for brand discovery, customer support, and direct communication when shoppers search for a solution. 

There's no point in having optimized content on your website if it's not going to deliver an enriched customer experience. The customer experience plays a significant role in how you attract, delight, and keep customers. As a pivotal element of your business, this makes your brand memorable and builds your brand's affinity.

In Discovered Book, all of this is explained in simple terms so that you can implement these tips as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In this book, you'll discover:
- How search engines work so that you can leverage their systems
- The patterns behind shoppers search behavior
- How to optimize your online content for voice search
- How to streamline a customer's journey from their first search to post-purchase
- What traits, mindset, and culture will increase your chances of success

Discovered Book contains valuable tips and strategies to build your online presence using Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Voice Search Optimization so that your brand is renowned for its Customer Experience.

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