Meet Bethanie Nonami

“You could create a cool experience or you could create a truly transformational one.”

- Bethanie Nonami

Bethanie Nonami

Bethanie Nonami is an inquisitive fixer, fun-seeker, lifelong learner, and self-proclaimed nerd on a mission to make this world a better place than when she first entered it. She also wants to put an end to all the miseducation circulating throughout cyberspace pertaining to search engine optimization. Whether it’s through words, SEO, or marketing, she is up for the challenge. For nearly three decades, technology has been the focal point of Bethanie’s life, and it all started during grade school (she was the first and only programmer in her fourth grade class).

This thought leader in the making is living proof that a conventional route to success isn’t the only way to make an impact. In fact, Bethanie Nonami has an impressive track record of working tirelessly in order to succeed while helping others do the same. At the ripe age of 22, she was the first minority woman (without a college degree) hired as a Sales Engineer at a global Fortune 100 company.

Even before that, Bethanie Nonami was all about the hustle, working late shifts at Domino's during high school, so she could leave to drag race cars to earn extra money in high school, among other things. Now, she not only has a debut book out, she serves as a Chief Innovation Officer at Marley Nonami.

Bethanie Nonami's  Mission:

  • Fix the foster care system. 
  • Give little girls a person that looks like them to know they can accomplish anything.
  • Reform the prison system to rehabilitate people by empowering them with highly sought after technology skills. Connecting them with companies that believe in people, not paper. And giving people a way to survive after being in the prison system that is designed to keep people in, not get them out.
  • Make sure the our elders are cared for, loved, socially included, and not forgotten about.

Bethanie Nonami's Super Hero Powers:

  • Ability to explain highly complex solutions with easy to understand stories.
  • Always thinking of solutions, automation, and new ways to solve problems.
  • You will always learn something and have fun in the process.
  • Unapologetically herself.

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