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In the world of marketing, if you’re not playing the game,

then you’re being played.

Advancements in technology have evolved the way we attract and serve customers. As such, it’s imperative that we keep up with each development and use them to our advantage so that we’re always ahead. The old ways of getting customers’ attention aren’t as effective in our new world. If you want to remain relevant, you must adapt. Using proven Search Engine Optimization tactics, you can leverage Google’s algorithms to boost website traffic and thus get more customers. Discovered helps brands understand what is most important to know now.

These are the techniques the top 1% brands are using. Start doing the same so you can rise above them!

There’s a new channel that most businesses aren’t taking advantage of because they don’t understand the power behind it and don’t know where to start. Yet, it’s the next big thing. It’s the new way people are searching because it’s a lot faster and easier. With voice, customers can quickly summon search results with a few spoken words. Discovered uncovers this alternate channel benefits your business because it opens up avenues for brand discovery, customer support, and direct communication when shoppers are searching for a solution.

But why stop there? Why not surpass more competitors by taking it one step further?

There’s no point in having optimized content on your website if it’s not going to deliver an enriched customer experience. The customer experience plays a significant role in how you attract, delight, and keep customers. Discovered unwraps this pivotal element of your business, this what makes your brand memorable and builds affinity for your brand.

The Focus of Discovered Book 

Here’s What You’ll Uncover in Discovered

In Discovered, all of this is explained in simple terms so that you can implement these tips as quickly and easily as possible.


What Every Brand Must Understand to Compete Today
  • Tips & Strategies to Build a Stronger Online Presence
  • How to Supercharge Search Engine Optimization
  • Understand What Voice Search Optimization is
  • See Where to Get Started with a Brand Use Case


Discovered Search Insights & Strategy
  • Consumer Search Behavior
  • Behavioral Buying Insights
  • Millennials, Women, Black, and Boomers
  • Customer Experience Insights


Proven Powerful, yet Untapped Search Techniques
  • Emerging Search Technologies Insights
  • Winning Google's Algorithm Game
  • Assisted Search Technologies
  • Brand Search Use Cases


Discovered Voice Search & Brand Opportunities
  • Uncover Insight About Voice Opportunities for Brands
  • Understand the Voice Search Market & Opportunities
  • Learn About Voice Assistants, Speakers, and Usage Insights
  • Read About Voice Commerce Insights
  • Brand Voice Use Cases


Discovered Innovative Customer Experiences
  • Creating Innovative Customer Experiences
  • In-Store Customer Experiences
  • Brand Innovation Use Cases

About The Author,
Bethanie Nonami

Bethanie Nonami is an inquisitive fixer, fun-seeker, lifelong learner, and self-proclaimed nerd on a mission to make this world a better place than when she first entered it. She also wants to put an end to all the miseducation circulating throughout cyberspace pertaining to search engine optimization. Whether it’s through words, SEO, or marketing, she is up for the challenge. For nearly three decades, technology has been the focal point of Bethanie’s life, and it all started during grade school (she was the first and only programmer in her fourth grade class).

This thought leader in the making is living proof that a conventional route to success isn’t the only way to make an impact. In fact, she has an impressive track record of working tirelessly in order to succeed while helping others do the same. At the ripe age of 22, she worked as a Sales Engineer at a global fortune 100 company. Even before that, she was all about the hustle, working late shifts at Domino's during high school, among other things. Now, she not only has a debut book out, she serves as a Chief Innovation Officer helping brands create incredible voice and online customer experiences. Bethanie wrote Discovered to help the underdogs win against the big boys.

Book about Voice Search

You owe it to yourself

The techniques explored in the Discovered book are incredibly powerful, proven techniques that can elevate your brand's online presence. 

This book is designed as an easy to understand, non-jargony way to learn how you can leverage emerging technology so you can shape and lead your category online. Even if you are not sure how search, voice, and innovation can change the game for your brand, you owe it to yourself professionally to know what's coming next with shoppers and shopping behavior.

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